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High lift pallet truck EXV 14-20

Power meets innovation

  • Yükleme kapasitesi 2000 kg
  • Nominal yükseklik 6066 mm
  • Hız 6 km/h

Stronger and more intelligent than the rest – that’s the STILL EXV 14-20 high lift pallet truck. Two of its outstanding features are its huge residual load capacity and its smart colour display. The latter provides the operator with basic information, the truck status or the battery charge status at a glance, and different language-independent symbols provide optimum support in operation. The smart and extremely mobile warehouse organiser moves pallets weighing up to 2,000 kg quickly, safely and reliably. Its powerful, low- maintenance motor and precise controls, suitable for both left- and right-handed operators, enable it to achieve unprecedented pallet turnover rates.

The letters EXV are not, however, just synonymous with quick goods handling, but with safe goods handling as well. The optional load capacity diagram and Dynamic Load Control shows what is possible. The curved tiller shape and the sensitive impact plate protect the driver, and the EXV stops automatically when the tiller is released – even on ramps. The OptiSpeed tiller also adjusts the speed of the EXV to the distance from the operator, while the Curve Speed Control system regulates the speed around bends. This high lift pallet truck, which is as strong as it is smart, allows you to always keep your flow of goods safely under control; from transporting loads within the pre-storage area to operating the shelving system.


Optimum utilisation of storage area:

high storage compaction due to very high residual load capacity

Everything in view, all the time:

colour display with a range of language-independent symbols shows you all of the important functions at a glance

Always available:

battery capacities of up to 375 Ah and Li-Ion enable long periods of operation

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EXV 14-20 detaylar

"Tek Kelimeyle Verimli" : Bir ekonomik verimlilik ölçüsü olarak performans özellikleri

Simply easy

Flexible, intuitive operation of all control elements on the tiller head
with one hand, without the need to change grip, naturally for both left- and right-handed operators

Reliable availability
thanks to large colour display with battery status display

Optimal ergonomics and reduced physical strain for the operator
thanks to electric driving, lifting and lowering functions

Clear view through the mast to the fork tips
facilitates hassle-free pallet handling

Unbeatable handling performance:
powerful motor, high residual load capacity and responsive control elements

With iGo vehicles,
additional vehicles can be added at any time so as to expand transportation capacity

Simply powerful

Power meets safety:
the four-wheel chassis ensures outstanding stability and effective performance

Reliable excellent performance
thanks to the powerful yet low- maintenance AC motor

New level of precision and safety for user and load
thanks to the responsive proportional valve control

Optimal availability, low-maintenance and high performance
thanks to the optional lithium-ion technology

Smooth and precise electrical steering

Software‑based transport controls for the EXV iGo
enable optimal fleet utilisation, whilst guaranteeing a high level of process reliability, traffic management, visualisation of truck movements, battery charge status monitoring and reduced error rates – the flow of materials and information is always reliable and mapped comprehensively and transparently

Simply safe

Maximum driver safety
thanks to the low-entry truck frame and load backrests

Initial lift ensures stable and low-vibration driving performance,
even if there are slight gradients or unevenness in the floor

Safety for man and machine:
OptiSpeed tiller and automatic stop mechanism when the tiller is released

Safe manoeuvring even in restricted space
thanks to creep speed mode

Information on the lift height at a glance
– on the coloured load capacity display

Estimate the load correctly:
Dynamic Load Control can be used to estimate the load and the corresponding maximum lift height

improves transport quality and eliminates the risk of injury and damage to people, trucks, warehouse equipment and goods thanks to smart safety functions

Simply flexible

Precision even in confined spaces
thanks to compact dimensions

Well-equipped for a wide range of applications
with different driving programmes

Ready for use at all times:
the battery can be charged and interim charged flexibly from any location without the need for a fixed charging station

iGo trucks can also be operated manually if required:
this increases flexibility, safeguards process and material flow and enables easy access to goods

Simply connected

Compact information:
all relevant truck information is available at a glance in the STILL neXXt fleet web application.

Innovative STILL FleetManager keeps driver and truck safe:
operator management and shock detection as well as damage and cost minimisation thanks to access protection

Optimisation of the goods flow
thanks to straightforward connection to existing material flow management systems via MMS provision

Different iGo trucks can be combined
with one another, and with manual transport systems and stationary automation systems

STILL Li-Ion Technology inside

İşletim maliyetlerini azaltmak ve araç kullanımını artırmak için mükemmel şekilde uyumlu hale getirilmiş güç sistemi.

STILL Li-İyon Teknolojisi Hakkında Daha Fazla Bilgi


Safety in production

Depending on tiller angle, speed is automatically adapted to the distance between the operator and the truck.

High turnover performance

Due to double deck transport of non-stackable goods.

Easy service access

Low-maintenance components and easy service access.

Compact dimensions

Safe manoeuvring and easy load handling in tight spaces with standard creep speed and mast lift button on the rear of the tiller.

STILL free view mast

Always ensures the best view of the tips of the forks.

Optional initial lift

More ground clearance for uneven floors and ramps thanks to the optional initial lift, on which loads of up to 2,000 kg can be transported.

EXV 16

Talepler için: EXV 14-20

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Automated high lift pallet truck EXV 14-20 iGo

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Maksimum kapasite (kg)
Maksimum kaldırma yüksekliği (mm)
Seyahat hızı (km/sa)
Akü voltajı (V)
EXV 14 (i) / Li-Ion 1.400 6.066 6.0 24
EXV 14 D / Li-Ion 1.400 6.066 6.0 24
EXV 16 (i) / Li-Ion 1.600 6.066 6.0 24
EXV 16 D / Li-Ion 1.600 6.066 6.0 24
EXV 20 (i) / Li-Ion 2.000 4.476 6.0 24
EXV 20 D / Li-Ion 2.000 4.476 6.0 24
EXV iGo /Li-Ion 2.000 3.000 6.0 24


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Talepler için: EXV 14-20

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