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Low Lift Pallet Truck ECH 12C/ECH 15C

Innovation in motion

  • Yükleme kapasitesi 1500 kg’a kadar
  • Nominal yükseklik 115 mm’e kadar
  • Hız 4.5 km/h’e kadar

The ECH 12C/ECH 15C is the ideal alternative to the hand pallet trucks. Its compact dimensions and low service weight of just 115 kilos make it the perfect partner for horizontal freight transport over short, level routes and in confined spaces. Whether in goods lifts, on sales floors or in racking aisles, the ECH 12C/15C is light, agile and safe, and, thanks to the creep speed switch, extremely manoeuvrable even with the tiller in an upright position. All this ensures its high efficiency and flexibility even in areas with little space for manoeuvring. In addition, the lithium-ion battery provides maximum availability, as the battery can be charged and interim charged at any time at a power socket via the external charger. The ECH 12C/15C also offers a high level of user convenience. Thanks to the electric drive and the ergonomic tiller, loads up to 1,200/1,500 kg can be moved without fatiguing the operator, while conserving power in the process.

Smart alternative to hand pallet trucks:

Compact truck dimensions, low service weight, maintenance-free lithium-ion battery

Ready for use at all times

thanks to the lithium-ion battery, which can be quickly and easily charged or interim charged from a power socket via Plug & Play

Safe and efficient even in confined spaces:

The creep speed switch enables safe manoeuvring even with the tiller in an upright position

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Detaylı olarak ECH 12C/ECH 15C

"Tek Kelimeyle Verimli" faktörler: Ekonomik verimliliğin bir ölçüsü olarak performans özellikleri

Simply easy

Easy and fatigue-free manoeuvring
thanks to electric drive and lift motor

Fatigue-free operation:
Easy-grip tiller for left and right-handed operators

Real-time information:
The ECH 12C/15C’s battery status is shown by an LED light (green, yellow, red)

Simply powerful

Impressive goods handling:
Lifting capacity of 1,200 to 1,500 kg

Always ready for use:
Additional replacement battery maximises availability

Sturdy frame construction

High performance:
Powerful and low-maintenance drive motor

Simply safe

Safe operation:
Optimally dimensioned and positioned impact plate

Improved operator health:
No exhaust emissions thanks to maintenance-free battery technology

Simply flexible

Suitable for almost any application
thanks to compact dimensions

Different fork dimensions available
for different load carriers

Simply connected

Seamless interaction:
The li-ion batteries with battery management system interact with the truck

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